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Teleseminar Series


What are your toughest questions?

Award Winning Author, Seth Chernoff, will assist his listeners to connect to their inner guidance, opening the gateway to an intentional life of joy and fulfillment. In life, answers often result only in further inquiry; the meaning we seek is found in the journey itself.

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Please feel free to share a question or challenge that you’re facing in your life to be featured one on one (first name only, of course) — Seth can respond to your question without your participation, of course. And this is an open event, you can definitely pass it along to your own friends and fans.

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You can work with Seth in a more focused way, also.
Seth has two models for coaching.

USE Stones on Beach in Circle Personal, Life, and Leadership CoachingGroup Coaching is offered to a small group of six people twice a month. This is offered at a sliding scale, and you must apply and be approved for participation.

USE Woman Yoga on Beach 300x200 Personal, Life, and Leadership CoachingIndividual Coaching is customized around the client’s unique personal goals and challenges. Seth offers a powerful co-active partnership that is accountable and results-oriented. Fees are balanced and reasonable and worked out in concert with each client, individually. Whether is personal coaching, life coaching, or leadership coaching, Seth is here to help.

  • Release all fear of death, illness and circumstance
  • Learn to navigate and overcome the mentality around illness, chronic pain, sorrow and grief
  • Manage change and transitions
  • Tackle self-defeating and self-limiting thinking and replace it with empowerment and accountability
  • Manage conflicts and stress in relationships and circumstance
  • Overcome fears and insecurities and reducing stress
  • Increasing quality of life and wellness and discover joy, no matter what

Seth listens to all aspects of life, focusing on future growth and positive development.

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Call Seth at 303-350-3990 or Contact Us Here

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"After receiving this book I dove right in and began...in the beginning it all felt a little dorky, writing down goals and listening a video of someone I knew nothing about. And I would find myself too caught up in other things to do a daily exercise, a mantra and a meditation. After missing a day or two, I would simply start right where I had left off. In about three weeks I noticed how I actually found myself curious and looking forward to what was next. And by then I had also noticed I liked the way I was \"processing\" or thinking and feeling about things through my day as a direct result. I went back and did another Inventory as well as rewrote or expanded my goals. Watching a daily video online, writing in this programmed guidebook and also adding in the daily meditations...all just flow through me so easily now. I am happy to say, it is working for me ……. and I\'m very glad I stumbled across the text and now this Guidebook." - Murshid Library Thing

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"We live a life that has no value, no meaning, and no purpose when it is incongruent with our inner truth." - Chernoff - CONNECTION