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About Manual For Living: REALITY – Best Spiritual Book

Manual For Living: REALITY, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life the first book in the Manual For Living  series, and winner of the NM Book Awards!

ISBN – 978-0984093090 (Order your copy today)


Find True Fulfillment and Lasting Happiness
Overcome Your Fear of Death and Learn to Fully Experience Life
Reconnect With Your Inner Truth
Discover Your True Purpose

The award-winning Manual For Living: REALITY, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life will change the way you see the world. Its straightforward guidance and practical wisdom will help you remain true to your path and purpose in life. A powerful, life-altering book to help you reconnect to your truth and your reason for being.


In life, answers often result only in further inquiry; the meaning we seek is found in the journey itself.  “We each have a path and purpose in life, a destiny as unique as our own fingerprints, yet we often live lives of petty obscurity and quiet desperation, ignoring our truth. It is our prerogative to find our purpose and fulfill it. The loss of a life is not as devastating as the loss what could have been, of the dreams left unfulfilled and passions undiscovered.”

Whether our path is direct or circuitous, our destinations are constant; the eternal continuance of time combines with the temporal aspect of our physical existence.

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REALITY  Chapters Include:
1. Time    2. Illness    3. Fear    4. Environment    5. Reality    6. Physicality
7. Death     8. Finance    9. Accumulation    10. Change    11. Simplicity
12. Balance   13. Happiness   14. Present Moment   15. Peace   16. Amazing Life

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"5 stars for sure. I find this book uncomfortably soul searching. It is a workbook in the truest sense. The answers are not graded but come from your innermost being. It is not a \"reading\" book but one that asks questions that you know the answer to but have not wanted to face up to perhaps. I am not working on this on a daily basis but move thru the exercises when I feel ready. It is progressive but meaningfully. Working thru the segments of Time, Illness, Fear, Environment, Reality, Physicality, Death, Finance, etc. takes time and deep thought. The daily mantras and evening meditations are very beneficial. I\'m very grateful to have this book become an integral part of my opening up to a deeper honesty." - Czarnopys Library Thing

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