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The Meaning of Life in ONE MINUTE

Seth David Chernoff Lecture at the Boulder Bookstore 2010

Robert Fortune Explains the Manual For Living

Steve McAllister (Author of The Rucksack Letters) offers a unique view of the Manual For Living

TIME – Manual For Living: Reality, Chapter One Video Overview

We have recorded a video overview of EVERY Chapter in REALITY, Book One in the Manual For Living series. You can watch ALL the REALITY – Manual For Living videos HERE.

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"I bought this book as I left a job without a plan, trusting that if you jump off the cliff you’ll land on your feet because the universe loves you. Manual For Living was released just as I was making my decision to jump and felt like a sign so I bought it. I was glad I did. This book accomplishes what it sets out to do. I highly recommend this one." - Brendan Roberts

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"At times, it is those without who go within that exude the great strength of personality and will, and it is those who seek and obtain who struggle most with balance and understanding." - Chernoff - REALITY