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The all new Applying the MANUAL FOR LIVING: Exercise & Meditation Guidebook is a happiness immersion program complete with 93-days of lessons. However, it is specifically designed for you to take at your own pace whether over 3-months or 3-years. Each day’s lesson has an associated video, and I have decided to provide those videos here at no charge. ENJOY and as always, contact me with any questions!

LESSON #2 – Time Enough, Effective Time Management & Prioritization

LESSON #4 – Releasing the Past, Moving Forward, Letting Go

LESSON #12 – Cancer of the Soul, Awareness, Healing, Meaning, Emotional Spiritual

LESSON #17 – Toxic Living

LESSON #31 – Physical Health, Emotional Well-being, Your Body as a Vessel For Greatness

LESSON #33 – Learning From Lessons

LESSON #52 – Accumulation of Choices To Control Our Future

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"I bought this book as I left a job without a plan, trusting that if you jump off the cliff you’ll land on your feet because the universe loves you. Manual For Living was released just as I was making my decision to jump and felt like a sign so I bought it. I was glad I did. This book accomplishes what it sets out to do. I highly recommend this one." - Brendan Roberts

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"We use others as the benchmark for a balanced and healthy life- style, and by looking outside ourselves, we will always find what we are lacking in our own life." - Chernoff - REALITY