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About Manual For Living: PURPOSE

PURPOSE is the third book in the award-winning Manual For Living series, coming in mid-2013!

“There is no debate as to the historic realization that our thoughts create our reality, but it is the simple question “why” which helps explain the intricate dynamic of the world in which we live. The external environment acts as a self-determined manifest destiny, an extended reality which is personally and intentionally designed by the individual, by each and every one of us, on a momentary basis. It is through this reality that we parlay our destiny and life purpose and develop our own path for growth, service, and evolution.”

“Happiness, peace and enlightenment are ours for the taking, but in this very moment we must first choose, and then in each subsequent moment we must choose again and again for that which we desire.”

Check back soon for more information about Manual For Living: PURPOSE.

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"This is the type of book you go back to over and over to gain a new perspective. It is one of the best, simplistic books I\'ve ever read! This is not a religious book, but profound with spiritual insights. Great book." - Neil Kobrin

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"In the end, it is the quality of our life and not the quantity." - Chernoff - REALITY