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Personal, Life, and Leadership Coaching

Change for the better begins when we take responsibility for the current state of our life, and become empowered to transform ourselves. We must remember that we only control two things in life; who we choose to be, and the actions that we take. Everything else is outside of our control. Gaining clarity around circumstances and consequences, and creating honest communication leads to a tangible action plan, an essential part of the process of positive change in order to create your best life, right now, NO MATTER what your circumstances may be.

How can I help?

People ask me for personal guidance since the publication of my bestselling book “Manual For Living: REALITY, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life.” Remember – pain is inevitable, but SUFFERING is a reflection of how we react to the conditions of our life, especially when we may feel powerless to change.  By taking ownership and accepting accountability, suffering can be released.

How my coaching and consulting strategy works:

You read one or all of my books and decide my principles, strategies, tools and ideas are of need in your personal life, or in your organization.

You may have something specific you would like to discuss with me. For example:

  • You are facing or experiencing a life changing situation or opportunity.
  • You have a challenge you have been unable to overcome.
  • You would like personal guidance on finding happiness in your life.

You contact me to schedule your personal consulting and coaching strategy session. I will send you payment instructions, and we can setup a time to speak. I am here to be of service to you.

  • Release all fear of death, illness and circumstance
  • Learn to navigate and overcome the mentality around illness, chronic pain, sorrow and grief
  • Manage change and transitions
  • Tackle self-defeating and self-limiting thinking and replace it with empowerment and accountability
  • Manage conflicts and stress in relationships and circumstance
  • Overcome fears and insecurities and reducing stress
  • Increasing quality of life and wellness and discover joy, no matter what

I am here to support you, by guiding you back to your inner truth, while focusing on future growth and positive development.

Contact information

Call me to schedule your session at 303-350-3990 or  Here

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"A great little read in how in just shifting your perspective, you can make major changes. No matter what comes down the road, you always have control on how to view it and in how you let it affect you. If you don\'t get anything out of this, then maybe, you should check to see if you have departed from this life as I think there is something here for everyone," - Dennis Waller

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