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REALITY Video Chapter Discussions

We have recorded a short video introduction of EACH chapter in REALITY, the first book in the Manual For Living series. There are 16 chapters in total and consequently 16 videos – ENJOY!

Chapter 1: TIME

Where are we going, and why? What’s the rush? Why are we unable to be fully present in the moment before us? How many accidents are a result of distraction, fretfulness, and pre-occupation? Can we really micromanage our life according to a plan? Why doesn’t hard work always equate with results or fulfillment? Why does receiving everything we desire not guarantee happiness?

Chapter 2: ILLNESS

Why do we get sick? What can we learn from sickness? Why don’t we stop doing the things that make us sick? Are we ever truly well? Why is it so difficult to release the past? Do we deserve the struggle?

Chapter 3: FEAR

What are we afraid of? Is our fear real or imaginary? Is our fear worth its consequence? Why are we afraid to release the past or to release aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us? Can we evolve if we are afraid? How do we control the energy of intention?


Who is in control of our environment? How connected is our internal environment, our INvironment, to our external environment? Why don’t we take responsibility for the environment where we live? Why are we obsessed with finding what is wrong with our world? How can we affect positive change without altering the environment in which we live? Why can life feel so painful at times?

Chapter 5: REALITY

Is this life real? How do we discern what is real from what is not? Can we predict the future? Can we control the future? Can we change the future? What motivates us? What is our true driving force? Where does reality meet perception? Why do we have more faith in our external world than our inner truth? How do we deal with the chal- lenges we face in this lifetime?


Are we more than our physical bodies? Isn’t it time that we looked beyond our flesh and bones? Our body is just a vessel with which to follow our path and fulfill our purpose in life. Why is it so hard to see beyond our physicality to the truth of our soul? Why do we have such a difficult time fully accepting others without judgment? Why are we challenged in fully accepting ourselves?

Chapter 7: DEATH

I am dying. You are dying . . . in fact we are all dying. Yes, we are. Right now in this very moment, we are dying.

We are sick. It’s contagious, and it’s terminal. No doctor or priest can tell us when we will die or even how we will die, but it is only a matter of time until we do. Welcome to reality! Our time is limited. We might as well get on with it; so why not choose now to live the life of our dreams? What have we got to lose? We must make the decision to choose life—not tomorrow, not later, but right now!

Chapter 8: FINANCE

What is money? Why do we allow ourselves to be controlled by it? How much money is enough? How do we meet our needs without allowing our- selves to be consumed by them? How do we truly free ourselves?


What are we holding on to? Is any of it really going to fulfill us or bring us happiness? How can we let go and move forward? We often disregard our most powerful gifts for the ones that seem to provide instant gratification. We take with us only what is within our soul, and for others we leave only memories.

Chapter 10: CHANGE

Why is it so hard to let go? What are we afraid of? Don’t we realize that we need to let go of the past in order to move into the present? Why do we procrastinate in life? Why do we wait to begin the activities that will positively affect and improve our life in this moment? Why do we wait to make changes that will make positive and marked impact on those around us?

Chapter 11: SIMPLICITY

Why do we make life so complicated? Can we simplify our lives? Can we find balance through simplicity? Why do we find it so difficult to find peace and harmony in our lives? How do we simplify the reality we manifest for ourselves? Why are we challenged with finding a reason for everything, a true purpose behind our reality?

Chapter 12: BALANCE

What is balance? Are we meant to be in balance? Can balance be achieved? Do we sacrifice too much? Why is balance so elusive, a goal so paradoxical that we seem to obtain it only sporadically, even when in reality, obtainment exists only within our perception? Why are we in such a hurry? Where are we going that time is of the essence? Is there anything in life more important, ultimately, than our own happiness and well-being?

Chapter 13: HAPPINESS

Can we ever be truly happy? Can we be happy if we aren’t healthy? Is anything more important than happiness?
Where is the real joy in this life? Is eternal happiness really possible? We are trained to search for life’s problems, the insecurities life inflicts on us, and its imperfections.


Why do we obsess about yesterday? Why do we wait for tomorrow? Don’t we realize that other than this moment, nothing else exists? What is the difference between the present moment of today, and the present moment of tomorrow? Our world continues to move indifferently onward, with or without us. In time, this too shall pass.

Chapter 15: PEACE

How do we find peace? Where do we find it? What does it look like? Once we find it, can we hold onto it? Do we need external peace to find internal peace, or is it the other way around? Can life be trouble-free? Why aren’t the smartest people in the world also the happiest, richest, or most successful? Why aren’t those with the greatest intelligence or the most extensive education also the most satisfied?

Chapter 16: AMAZING LIFE

This is it, our once in a lifetime opportunity. . . right here, right now, staring us right in the face. What’s holding us back? What’s standing in our way? There is so much to be grateful for and is so much to see. Make the choice and everything will work out . . . in the end it always does. Do we reflect inward often enough? Do we understand why we are here, and are we all doing our part? Can one person really change the world?

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