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Seth David Chernoff is an engaging and humorous speaker who presents many topics from his almost 20 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. He is a two-time cancer survivor, award-winning author and a gifted speaker who connects from his heart in ways that are truly inspiring with a unique perspective on life and how to find true happiness and fulfillment. His latest book is Manual For Living: Reality, A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life, is selling around the world.

Simplistic, thought provoking, profound and inspired are just a few of the words that come to mind. Thank you and abundant blessings to you! – Melissa M.

Seth is a highly successful marketing professional and is featured frequently on radio shows across the nation. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Mechanics, Business Week, USA Today, and on national TV and Radio.

I am a firm believer that when a person is ready, the teacher will appear, my teacher appeared when I picked up the Manual for Living! I have struggled with depression, addictions of all sorts and wounds from the past that still hurt me today. I have been searching for inner peace my whole life. I got great comfort and many questions answered from the Manual for Living. I have started picking it up when I am feeling “lost” and I have not been disappointed with the message that I receive. The book made such an impression on me I drove 1000 miles to meet Seth. What a wonderful soul he is! Seth lives his message and it is clear to see that when you are around him. – Kim G.

I am so blessed that we were connected as you have truly made such a difference in my life. – Nancy T. Ferrari

This was one of the best shows that you have had, it really put everything into perspective in life. Intellectually, spiritually and with great humanism, wow it touched my heart. – Dana Hansen

If everyone on this planet could have only one book, the Manual for Living would be my recommendation. Author, Seth David Chernoff carefully, concisely and accurately takes his reader on a step- by- step approach to the “art” of living. …filled with dynamic insight and practical recommendations on how to change our lives for the better. Highly recommended! – Shirley Roe

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"After receiving this book I dove right in and began...in the beginning it all felt a little dorky, writing down goals and listening a video of someone I knew nothing about. And I would find myself too caught up in other things to do a daily exercise, a mantra and a meditation. After missing a day or two, I would simply start right where I had left off. In about three weeks I noticed how I actually found myself curious and looking forward to what was next. And by then I had also noticed I liked the way I was \"processing\" or thinking and feeling about things through my day as a direct result. I went back and did another Inventory as well as rewrote or expanded my goals. Watching a daily video online, writing in this programmed guidebook and also adding in the daily meditations...all just flow through me so easily now. I am happy to say, it is working for me ……. and I\'m very glad I stumbled across the text and now this Guidebook." - Murshid Library Thing

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