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WOW! Seth is really a good speaker – he has a gift of connecting with the audience. I love how he shares so much of himself. It almost makes him seem like one of the audience. You know, when I read his first book, I kept asking myself (he)… could be the vessel for so much simple wisdom. The “veil is really lifting” – Seth is a glowing example of this. Bless him for sharing so much light. …he is a beautiful spirit – a good person. I hope his journey brings him back.” – L Shirk, Des Moines, IA

Seth David Chernoff does keynotes, intensive workshops and engaging seminars. As an award-winning author, and a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional, Seth has a LOT of topics you can select from, including but not limited to the following:

  • 5 Easy Steps to Create Calm During Economic Hardships
  • The Love Check List–Strategies to Revitalize the Intimacy in Your Relationships
  • The 30-Day Fulfillment Challenge—Seth Coaches You Through Adjusting Limiting Thoughts and Habits to
  • Find True Happiness and Purpose Regardless of Your Circumstance
  • Back to Basics—Methods for Moms to Reconnect with Pre-Parental Identity
  • New Job or New Attitude–Finding Passion  in Your Career
  • The Illusion of Balance—Tools and Tips for Rediscovering Your Priorities
  • The Holidays are Coming–Surviving the Family Get Together
  • The C Word—Moving from Cancer to CONNECTION to Discover—STRENGTH, JOY, GRATITUDE and PURPOSE
  • Finding Happiness, Purpose and Harmony for Boomers
  • You Have Enough Money – Now What!
  • Fulfillment in the Workplace – Beyond Compensation
  • Overcoming Obstacles with Gratitude
  • Understanding Death and Releasing Fear
  • Finding Meaning in Life
  • We’re all dying – Now What?
  • Finding Balance and Peace, When Immersed In Chaos
  • True Happiness – Regardless of Circumstance

Don’t hesitate to contact Seth if you have a last minute emergency. Sometimes speakers get sick, have an accident, personal emergency or simply miss a flight. If Seth is available, he will be glad to step in with a substitute program if a last minute cancelation appears.

You can count on Seth to make your event a success. Call 303-350-3990 to schedule Seth at your next event, or contact us here!

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"I have always considered myself a spiritual person. Reading this book just confirmed that belief. I learned so much from this book that I feel overwhelmed. This would be the perfect gift for someone who is going through a rough time right now. It is absolutely amazing." - Readaholic

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"Living a life of balance is a constant, moment-by-moment inte- gration of life’s inner and outer priorities." - Chernoff - REALITY