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WOW! Seth is really a good speaker – he has a gift of connecting with the audience. I love how he shares so much of himself. It almost makes him seem like one of the audience. You know, when I read his first book, I kept asking myself (he)… could be the vessel for so much simple wisdom. The “veil is really lifting” – Seth is a glowing example of this. Bless him for sharing so much light. …he is a beautiful spirit – a good person. I hope his journey brings him back.” – L Shirk, Des Moines, IA

Seth David Chernoff does keynotes, intensive workshops and engaging seminars. As an award-winning author, and a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional, Seth has a LOT of topics you can select from, including but not limited to the following:

  • 5 Easy Steps to Create Calm During Economic Hardships
  • The Love Check List–Strategies to Revitalize the Intimacy in Your Relationships
  • The 30-Day Fulfillment Challenge—Seth Coaches You Through Adjusting Limiting Thoughts and Habits to
  • Find True Happiness and Purpose Regardless of Your Circumstance
  • Back to Basics—Methods for Moms to Reconnect with Pre-Parental Identity
  • New Job or New Attitude–Finding Passion  in Your Career
  • The Illusion of Balance—Tools and Tips for Rediscovering Your Priorities
  • The Holidays are Coming–Surviving the Family Get Together
  • The C Word—Moving from Cancer to CONNECTION to Discover—STRENGTH, JOY, GRATITUDE and PURPOSE
  • Finding Happiness, Purpose and Harmony for Boomers
  • You Have Enough Money – Now What!
  • Fulfillment in the Workplace – Beyond Compensation
  • Overcoming Obstacles with Gratitude
  • Understanding Death and Releasing Fear
  • Finding Meaning in Life
  • We’re all dying – Now What?
  • Finding Balance and Peace, When Immersed In Chaos
  • True Happiness – Regardless of Circumstance

Don’t hesitate to contact Seth if you have a last minute emergency. Sometimes speakers get sick, have an accident, personal emergency or simply miss a flight. If Seth is available, he will be glad to step in with a substitute program if a last minute cancelation appears.

You can count on Seth to make your event a success. Call 303-350-3990 to schedule Seth at your next event, or contact us here!

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"A great little read in how in just shifting your perspective, you can make major changes. No matter what comes down the road, you always have control on how to view it and in how you let it affect you. If you don\'t get anything out of this, then maybe, you should check to see if you have departed from this life as I think there is something here for everyone," - Dennis Waller

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"Seldom is hatred as strong as when it is the result of two people who previously loved each other." - Chernoff - CONNECTION