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Book Clubs

Start Your Own BOOK CLUB around the Award-Winning Book: MANUAL FOR LIVING!

We’re looking for a few select leaders to participate in my new Book Club Program.  You’ll work directly with me over the next 3-months and receive small group coaching at no cost, centered around the Manual For Living book series.  You’ll also get to coach a small group of friends (or fans) that YOU choose, from your own circle, to lead through my Manual For Living GUIDEBOOK – Fifteen Minutes a Day to Change Your Life.

To apply for this Coaching Program and Book Club Stewardship, please complete the form below.

To help your book club succeed, thrive, and be fun and inspiring for all members, I have included a few simple recommendations:

  1. Start with at least four core group members, including you. Once each core group member has hosted the group, you can each choose to add one additional club member each. Make sure you have a manageable group of members – too many and it can be extremely chaotic.
  2. Consistency is key. Try to choose a specific day each month for your group meetings. Don’t change them unless its an emergency or if everyone agrees – otherwise your club meetings will become a moving target.
  3. As the host, the first meeting will probably be at your home. Be open to rotating the meeting at a different member’s home each month.
  4. Invite the author to be a part of the group, to share ideas, to call in, or even to stop by if he or she is in the area,
  5. Remember – for a book club to be successful, all members must read the book!
  6. The Manual is FULL of exciting topics to discuss – have each member come prepared with ideas or questions to open for group discussion.
  7. The group needs a leader who can keep the discussions on target. Its alright if the leader changes every month, but make sure that someone is responsible to focus the creative and powerful energies of a book club.
  8. Keep it fun, exciting, and invigorating. Don’t be afraid to dive into the deepest and most controversial questions – life, death, happiness, illness, and much more!

If you want to feature Manual For Living at your next book club event, you can obtain volume discounts on autographed copies of the book, in addition to book club discussion topics, and much more. In addition, don’t be afraid to have the author speak at your event either on the phone or via Skype. For more information, contact Seth David Chernoff .

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"A beautiful book of ideas for making our lives more meaningful and exploring that which lies beneath the surface in our minds. It was a book I would pick up and read sometimes at odd moments, sometimes when I was troubled and needed to read about one of the topics. I often read the sections over again on different days. The book is filled with a lot of positive thoughts and inspiration...definitely worth reading." - Joanne aka PT Cruiser

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